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Flat Undercambered Arches
Please specify all dimensions in millimeters

For all arch types, it is necessary to specify the Stock Brick size by Length, breadth, and thickness, in order that we can determine how much brick there is to cut from. Also specify the mortar bed thickness. If very fine joints are required, then please specify if joggles are needed although this last item is only needed for cutting; where we are providing calculations and drawings only, this is not necessary.

Opening size between brickwork.

In addition to the above, you will need to specify, the Angle of Skewback, the rise from the Springline to the underside of the Undercamber in the centre of the Arch, and also whether there is a keystone - specifying Soffit face width, and projection above and below brickline if any. Don't forget that where an Arch is Uncercambered, the projection of the Keystone below the brickline may be a negative value, since the measurement is from the Springline.

A Quality Assured, fast turn round service and a Computer Arch package
for fast and accurate Arch Production.
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