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The Brick and Arch cutting specialists

BS 4729 specifies tapered header and tapered stretcher bricks, AR.1 and AR.2 respectively for use as Arch bricks, but availability is very limited, and we therefore decided to make a computer program to enable us to provide a full range of sizes and types of Arch.

Sample Flat Arch
Any size of stock brick can be input, and while the standard mortar joint is 10mm, any mortar thickness can be specified, according to the job. If joggles are required where very fine mortar joints are used, then please specify at the time of ordering

Arch detailing and cutting dimensions can be calculated within minutes; scale or full size details of the project can be supplied before cutting starts. Cutting is carried out, and the job returned within two or three days, or longer according to the number of arches to be cut.

A Quality Assured, fast turn round service and a Computer Arch package
for fast and accurate Arch Production.

Wrexham Brick Cutting Ltd
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